Brushed Bamboo/Cotton & Waterproof


A richly textured, heavy quality fabric, 100% organic brushed bamboo + cotton, used for castor oil packs. Its weight and strength allow it to be reused many times. Comprehensive instructions for preparation and use of castor oil packs are included.



100% organic brushed bamboo + cotton*, approximately 30cm x 50cm, with a PU fabric waterproof to protect your clothes and bedding from stains and drips. Makes a castor oil pack easy!

*Wool will no longer be sold due to the following reasons:
~Organic brushed bamboo + cotton is equally absorbent, soft and warm as wool
~The expense of wool is 3 x that of organic bamboo + cotton
~Bamboo + cotton is vegan and kinder to animals, so everyone can use it, plus bamboo uses far less water than cotton alone, or wool. Sheep in Australia routinely have their tails docked without pain relief , are usually left without shade in the hot Australian summer, and are often muelsed which involves the sensitive flesh around their buttocks being cut without pain relief to prevent fly-strike (which is illegal in New Zealand but common practice here!).

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