Mizan Therapy Courses and Workshops

Approved Mizan workshops and courses will be listed on this page. We have heard of workshops being offered that claim to be approved, but if you don’t see them here we have no knowledge or control over the content or quality of the offerings, and they will not count as the pre-requisite for practitioner training.

For dates of workshops and courses in the UK, go the Mizan Therapy.

Training is in levels:

Level 1 : Wombspace Workshop; either one day in person or two 2-hours on line. These are facilitated by Bushra or an Advanced practitioner trained by her.

Level 2 : Mizan Practitioner Training, five days. You must first complete Level 1. These are always facilitated by Bushra with one or two training assistants.

Level 3 : Mizan Advanced Practitioner Training, five days. Facilitated by Bushra and an assistant. You must first complete Level 2.

There are additional courses and workshops which are not dependant upon completion of others, such as the Pregnancy and Post Natal training which is open to anyone who is experienced in any hands on therapy.


Wombspace Workshops – Level 1

A one-day workshop with lots of great ideas to connect with and improve the health of your wombspace. As well as being a requirement for Mizan practitioner training, it is a stand-alone workshop that is a great investment in your health. The fee includes a comprehensive information pack and all the resources you’ll need to put the ideas into effect. More information is available here.

Wombspace Workshop Melbourne November

Wombspace Online September  Wombspace Online October

Mizan Practitioner Training – Level 2

Five day training to qualify you to work on others. There is some pre-course online to complete before practical training and some post course case studies.

Mizan Practitioner Training, Melbourne

Mizan Advanced Training – Level 3

Mizan Advanced Practitioner Training is for those who have successfully completed Practitioner Training and have completed the required number of case studies.

Mizan Advanced Training Melbourne

Mizan Pregnancy and Postnatal Course

This course is not only for existing Mizan Practitioners but also for other hands-on therapists seeking to expand their skills.

Pregnancy and Post Natal Training, Melbourne