We are currently offering the following Mizan Courses and Workshops.

Wombspace Workshop

The Wombspace Workshop is a one-day course aimed at stimulating communication between you and your wombspace (you don’t have to have a womb to attend). It also gives some real tools to help healing menstrual issues, including a self-care massage routine. The workshop qualifies you only for working on your own wombspace health.

Mizan Practitioner Training

Mizan Practitioner Training is a five-day course. It is usually residential but occasionally there is a non-residential course. Following successful completion of the course you will be a qualified practitioner and entitled to perform Mizan Therapy on yourself and on others.


Mizan Courses and workshops

Mizan Practitioner Training (Advanced)

The Mizan Advanced Training is for those who have already successfully completed Practitioner Training, have done the required number of case studies and want to refine their techniques, learn some new ones and invest in personal and professional development.

Mizan Pregnancy and Postnatal training

A 3-day course for existing Mizan Practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge of pregnancy and post natal massage, pregnancy and post natal binding and learn how to perform closing the bones ceremony.

Mizan Fertility Workshop

A 2-day workshop for existing Mizan Practitioners who would like to be able to offer foundational support for couples with fertility challenges and couples going through assisted reproduction.