Here are some nice things that women  have had to say about Mizan Therapy workshops and courses.

“I have started doing self massage every night and already felt the impact. There’s definitely something very powerful in Mizan Therapy beyond the sum of its parts and I believe it comes down to the intention with which you have set it up and run it. Thank you for all you do.”

“It’s really been an eye-opener. I learnt so much and it’s made me look at things in a whole new way in regards to healing”

“My experience in this course was so powerful on many levels – I feel much more empowered now; it’s a life-changing experience. So much gratitude to everyone and especially to Bushra”.

“This course is literally life-changing. I learned skills to nurture myself and others. Bushra and Ruth are changing the world one womb at a time and I’m happy that I can join them”.

“I cannot put into words how much this work is needed. A life-changing experience”.

“Hello Bushra! I just wanted to tell you that I have been doing the self-care massages and I just had the best ever period! No pain, no pms symptoms and no brown stuff! I’m amazed and really happy!
So thank you so much! X”

“The day with Bushra was a gentle, calm, nurturing and informative learning experience. Bushra’s wealth of experience really showed, and I felt able to learn the self-help techniques at the workshop and have since felt comfortable using them at home, which I have found helpful and empowering.”

“Every woman should go on this work shop. I wish I had known when I started my periods years ago!”

“This is a transformative course. The extent of experiential learning, information, wisdom and practice that happens within a week is immense, and the entire experience is wrapped in a warmth, acceptance and shared connection with the other participants rarely felt in any other learning environment. It is a safe place to stretch your own skills, insight and self-awareness to a level which surprises even you by the end of it”.

“Vital information and practice for any woman supporting other women. The most important course I have done as a well woman practitioner”.

“I have found myself and my womb! Yay!”

“The work feels really powerful. It goes beyond the massage and health benefits; it is about connecting individual women to their own creativity and power so they can exist in the world to their full purpose and potential”.

“The course is not only packed with Bushra’s wealth of knowledge of Mizan, but has a variety of modalities embedded in the learning for holistic healing. I found this empowered me and helped in the healing process I went through”.

“A wonderful informative course that takes you into the very heart of the womb”.

“I never thought I would do a course like this – I am not a midwife or a doula and I’ve never massaged anyone before! But I now know that was not important – this is women’s health, and I am a woman!”

“Everything in creation is created in balance – such perfect harmony – when we move from these natural laws and balance – we find ourselves in a state of dis-ease. Mizan restores this balance, on many levels: physical, spiritual and intellectual – and shows you how to maintain.”

“This is such life-enhancing work; all women should be aware of it”

“I knew as soon as I saw the Mizan course that I had to do it. I loved the course as it was so experiential. We learned through doing, rather than being told, we were shown and we practised and practised.”

“The traditional knowledge that is conveyed goes at the very core of khidma (caring) and being “with woman”. This knowledge is conveyed with immense spirit, rahma and wisdom by Hakima Bushra – mash’Allah. A truly inspirational course!”

“Doing this course has left me feeling empowered to improve my own health and the health of others. I feel very blessed to have been give this skill”