Mizan Advanced Practitioner Training

15th – 20th November 2020

London Bridge Road, Portsea, VIC 3944

Mizan Advanced Practitioner Training is for those who have successfully completed Practitioner Training and have completed the required number of case studies. We will focus on building on your current knowledge and skills to improve your practice. This will include discussions, review of case studies, review of techniques, new techniques, personal and professional development.

Mizan Advanced Practitioner Training

About the course

Mizan Advanced Practitioner Training will be over five days.

You will refine your techniques – it’s surprising how many bad habits are picked up after the Practitioner Training! – as well as learning new skills not taught on Practitioner Training that will bring extra benefits for your clients.

There will be more detail about Mizan Botanicals: what formulations to use and when, plus details on the properties of herbs that are included in Mizan formulations.

Peer review of case studies. If you have had any case studies that you have found particularly challenging you will have an opportunity to talk to Bushra privately.

There is a lot of personal and professional development over the week, and more EFT with Jay to work on personal or professional difficulties.

At the end of the week there will be an individual assessment of your techniques as well as a round up of peer assessment in a heart circle.

After successful completion you will be a Mizan Therapist (Advanced).