Five positives of the menopause

Bushra FinchNews

I thought I’d share some thoughts on the menopause. This is the time when our periods cease. It heralds a new phase of life, a time of personal growth and freedom – that is if we can approach it with positivity, instead of the sense of dread that seems to prevail.

Five positives of the menopause

Do you know that there are some cultures that have no name for the menopause? Yep, you read that correctly. So what does that tell you? It tells me that it doesn’t need to be the hot flush, night sweat, irritability hell that many experience. Those negative symptoms are a sign of a tilted womb that is causing havoc with the hormonal communication system. It needn’t be like that, and if you are experiencing difficulties during this time of transition which may be preventing you enjoying it, please speak to a Mizan practitioner to see if she can help.

Five positives of menopause

  1. No more need for birth control. Safest to wait a year to be certain your cycling has finished, but after that, you’re clear. No more worries, you can have carefree sex!
  2. No more periods – take the money you will save on pads and tampons and plan something great to spend it on.
  3. No more PMS. Okay, so if you’ve been seeing a Mizan practitioner, you’ll have already kicked this out of your life. But for those who haven’t, you can see an end to the pre-menstrual hormonal hell.
  4. Great sex – now you no longer have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy, you can do it when you want, how you want. And as the kids are probably grown up and less demanding, you’ll have more energy too!
  5. The wisdom of the crone. You’ve learned a bit in the preceding years, now you can put that into action, have better relationships, be less bothered by the slings and arrows, sail through life serenely. And enjoy your extra creativity, openness and enthusiasm for life. You’re just hitting your stride.