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How to enhance your chances of pregnancy

Whenever I’m working on fertility enhancement, the first thing I ask of clients is that they use contraception for three months! You’ll want me to explain….

Say you’re wanting to grow some beautiful flowers and someone offers you a piece of ground. This bit of land hasn’t been used to grow anything for a while; it’s stony, there are weeds poking their heads through the soil, someone has been tossing empty crisp packets and soda cans over the fence. It’s looking altogether uncared for, unloved and not at all nurtured. So, to grow your beautiful garden, you would spend some time preparing the soil: you’d get rid of the rubbish, the weeds, the stones, before adding fertiliser to nourish the soil and enhance the fertility.

If we take this much trouble to grow some flowers, why, when it comes to something as important as growing a baby, haphazardly toss some seeds in the general direction of your womb and hope for the best?

Why three months?

Well, for one, it takes around 90 days for eggs to mature for ovulation. So using contraception for three months, gives you the time to improve your egg quality while enhancing the health of your womb and whole reproductive system.

Many of the things that can be done to help cleanse and then nurture the womb, can’t be done after ovulation if you’ve not used contraception. So, if you have a 28-day cycle, ovulation is day 14. No work is done during your menstruation, so if you bleed for7 days – which is, by the way too long, but it’s the normality for many – you will have seven days each cycle to devote to healing. If you have used contraception, you can extend your healing days to 21. When put in these terms you can see immediately that you are more likely to see the results you are hoping for more quickly by taking some time out.

If you have an irregular cycle, then it is even more important to use contraception, so you can really focus on getting the cycle back on track, which will also increase your chances of conception – you’re much more likely to fall pregnant if you can track your cycle.

Three menstrual cycles is a good amount of time to do some important womb nourishing work. For many, because of diet, work and lifestyle, the first cycle will be spend cleansing (throwing out the crisp packets, weeds and stones….) Once the body is at ground level, it will be time to start nourishing and nurturing (digging and fertilising….)

How are you going to do that?

Firstly, see a Mizan practitioner. Womb massage can bring fresh blood to your womb and pelvic bowl as well as helping to flush out accumulated toxins. If your womb is tilted, menstrual fluids can accumulate within the womb rather than being fully flushed out with menstruation. This leads to debris within the womb – like the stones and weeds in your garden.

Mizan will help to repair the muscles and ligaments, the supporting structures of the womb, to heal and gently lift your womb back into her rightful place.

Your practitioner will also teach you a simple self massage to perform at home between treatments. The more diligent you are with self care practices, the faster your body will achieve balance.

Anything else?

Castor oil packs. You so need to be doing these. But be careful to get correct instruction; I’ve seen many posts and videos advocating some very dodgy methods, including the use of plastic. Castor oil packs have amazing healing properties and if you have additional challenges to your fertility such as PCOS or endometriosis, they can’t be recommended enough. However, they can not be done if there is any chance of pregnancy: if you are not using contraception you have between the end of menstruation and ovulation whereas if you are using contraception, you can do them up right up to your next bleed.

Yoni steaming. Steaming is a useful tool for helping women to resolve menstrual pain, irregular menstruation, PCOS, endometriosis, or fibroids. The most effective time to steam is immediately before your bleed but if you are not using contraception you need to wait until menstruation starts.

Womb wrapping. Your womb is held in place by muscles and ligaments and are always hard at work. Sometimes these supporting structures become over stretched, allowing your womb to tilt. When you wrap your womb, those muscles and ligaments are no longer the sole supporters of your womb so they can go into healing mode – you’re giving them a bit of a holiday, some time off to repair themselves.

Diet. There may be a few dietary changes you need to make to maximise your womb health. Your Mizan practitioner will help you with this, advising on simple changes you can make. Knowing how difficult it can be to change our eating habits, she will fully support and encourage you.


For more detailed help on enhancing and supporting your fertility, contact your nearest Mizan Practitioner https://www.mizanaustralia.com.au/find-a-practitioner/