Here at Mizan, providing high quality products is important. We also have a strong environmental policy which includes eliminating plastics whenever possible.

All our products are sustainable and organic most of the time. Occasionally our suppliers run out of organic herbs and tinctures and we have to substitute with non-organic ingredients, which is why we don’t label products as organic (except for the massage oils). Usually they are organic, but we want to be honest with you.

All liquid products are in glass bottles (except for the 250ml castor oil) and the bags used for herbs are also environmentally friendly.

Our packaging is generally recycled; we save all packaging coming in and re-use it whenever possible. When we buy packaging materials, it is from the Green Stationery store. That means that it is recycled, the parcel tape is non-plastic or paper. In the interest of not wasting things, we are running down anything that is not renewable, recycled or recyclable and it will be replaced with more eco-friendly products.

In-house we recycle and re-use everything possible. For instance, when the printer has a blip, that otherwise wasted paper is used for packing or for notes rather than thrown away. The printer cartridges are all remanufactured, and when empty are sent for recycling. Every little thing helps.

Everything has an impact on the world, all we can do is minimise the negative consequences of actions.